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Yoga is the practice of stretching and breathing exercises designed to attain liberation. It enables you to gain bodily and/or mental control thereby improving your physical health as well as your mental health. Find a quality yoga mat that suits your personality.

You can now get two weeks FREE of online yoga classes. Choose from a variety of yoga disciplines, including Hatha and Power Yoga. Whether you are new to yoga or experienced, there will be a yoga class online that is right for you. You will learn from one of the best, Tiffany Chion, a certified yoga teacher and studio owner. Her posture tutorials break down each posture, at a slow approachable pace and in incredible detail, so you can perfect your form.

Your yoga studio can now be at your home, office or anywhere with internet access. Take as many lessons as you like... whenver you like. After two weeks of free yoga classes, you can cancel your membership and pay nothing, but if you like what you get (and we think you will), then you can continue receiving unlimited yoga lessons for as little as $0.54 per day!

Find out more about this special offer from Yoga Universe for a 2-week free trial membership.

Online Yoga Classes - Get More Information

The 6000-year-old time tested practice of yoga can benefit the young or the old in a variety of ways including:

•Reducing stress by giving you peace of mind
•Increasing your strength, flexibility and energy
•Provide relief from back and neck pain
•Assist with weight loss
•Enhance your muscle tone
•Improve your posture, balance and concentration
•Strengthen your cardiovascular system
•Enhance your digestion and overall health